JooJoo Emails

This morning Fusion Garage, makers of the failed JooJoo tablet device, sent a non-BCC email to all 60 of us who bought a JooJoo. Here is their email and some reply-alls from their customers:

Dear Sir and Madam,
Thank you for supporting JooJoo.
We hope to get your feedback about the JooJoo Tablet.
Please revert back to us want you think of our product.
Please drop us a line on how your JooJoo is working.
Thank you.


Dear JooJoo:
First, on behalf of all the customers that JooJoo cc'd on this email instead of bcc'd, thanks for releasing all of our email addresses to each other and failing to consider customer privacy. I see Steve Wozniak got a JooJoo. Now I have his personal email address (I am kidding - I didn't see Steve W listed).
As for suggestions, please let me know if JooJoo offers a firmware update that reduces the weight by at least a pound or if JooJoo decides to produce a functional hardware/software combination that has any utility or role in my life.
I will be keeping my JooJoo and intend to use it to illustrate what happens when a company makes a string of compromises that completely undermine the purpose of the device, ends up with something that falls far short the original goal, but decides to release their abomination into the world anyway.
To the other JooJoo customers, I apologize for adding another email to your inbox. If you love your JooJoo, I wish you well.
- jonathan

Before commenting on the joojoo itself I'd like to briefly comment on your support systems. It's generally undesirable to publish your customer base when you send out support emails. If any one person on the list below has his or her email account compromised then everyone on the list is open to even more spam than we have today, in addition to giving hackers a potential username to use to gain access to other accounts. Last but not least it avoids the embarrassing situation where individual customers can also send a mail like this to your customers.
For these reasons it would be great if you wouldn't keep doing a send all from your internal addressbook.
Thanks in advance,

Too Funny Axel,
I received my joojoo last Saturday and after 20 minutes of use, I got a "new firmware" update ran the update and the device immediately bricked itself.
It's been stuck in "oops we encountered a problem, would you like to restart or restore" and neither works.
I've been trying to ship the product back somewhere now for over 10 days and can't get anyone to address a complaint.
Ce la vie...the product had promise

Axel... I second that.... This has been a shoddy experience at best! Guess this proves Fusion Garage sold even less then 90 units. _dan


1. Great screen
2. Love the JooJoo acceleration on YouTube
3. Simple navigation
1. Short battery life 2.5 hours
2. On/off button is very difficult to work/understand
3. Locks up
4. Buggy OS
5. No zoom in feature
6. Hulu for instance very choppy in regular mode, full screen not workable
7. Netflix can’t even play video not sure the point in why it is listed
8. Can’t play music other than streaming on Pandora etc

Thank you!

OH last I ordered the stand with the unit it still had not arrived.

Overall, a lovely machine for Hulu/web. Beautiful design. Lots of glitches, though: terrible battery life, recalcitrant on/off switch, lack of zoom, and lack of customer support. Still have not received the stand I ordered/paid for or the "free accessory" promised by the CEO for the long delay in shipping.
Since we are such a small group essentially beta testing this device, why not offer us a free JooJooToo when it arrives? Thanks. :-)