My name is Don Spidell and this is my website entitled "Magnum Opus." I originally from New Jersey and am currently living in Pennsylvania with my wife, Amanda, our baby girl named Maddie, and our shih tzu named Bebe.

I work as a Sys Admin for a small company in Lancaster. In my spare time I enjoy learning more hardware and software technology (which means I chose the right career path). I started my own web design company called Spidell Tech Solutions, LLC. I also enjoy doing home improvement projects to our house we bought in December of 2005.

Amanda and I graduated from Messiah College where we met on the first day freshman year. I was a computer science major and Amanda was a family studies major.

We attend the Grantham Church which adjoins Messiah's campus. We are Sunday School teachers for the kindergarten class at church. That is certainly experience for me since I am used to working with computers instead of little kids. It is a lot of fun though.

Take a look around the rest of my site and enjoy your stay!